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TEAR can completely replace your sales force & deliver you qualified leads,
ready to buy your product or service every day.

Flexibility is essential in your online mailing success

Have full control of your leads, marketing and sales.

TEAR is the #1 Mass Emailing Software that allows you to setup mutli-series autoresponders to replicate real conversations, increasing conversions exponentially! Anything you do online can be put under the scope & improved.

Finish any other job that you might have done before, better.

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Tear has been a life changer for me. Launched new campaigns today and landed 4 $30 conversions today. Super stoked. Time to scale. Thank you the slug for everything. Couldn't of done it without your guidance on setting everything up.

 Jason DeMott
Jason DeMott Freestuffguru.com

The ability to set multiple response series has blown my conversion rates through the roof. This is a must get product for anyone that expects to make money with sending emails.

Alek's K
Alek's K Dating Affiliate

Highly Recommended! Nothing out there will do what this thing does! A "Must Have" if you are a doing any online marketing!

Lance Dudley
Lance Dudley Multi-Verticle Affiliate

Having used GetResponse the past couple years I started my search for a better way to send emails to my email lists. This is where TEAR blew all the competition out of the water, I wish this email software was around when I started my email marketing career because I defiantly would be much richer!

Stano Casole
Stano Casole Self-Employed Email Marketer

If you need to send mass emails TEAR is by far the best thing I have ever used. The videos take you step by step how to get it set up, and it does everything a serious email marketer will ever need. Best product I have purchased this year by far!

Customer service of the year A+

Scotty Ramhorn
Scotty Ramhorn Entrepreneur

Build High Converting Email Campaigns In Minutes.

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Monitor all your campaigns in one place.

All you campaigns will be in a list here to the right. You can color code and reorder them to keep yourself organized. When you click on a campaign it will show a stats preview of that campaign.


This is where the magic happens.

Here you add your pop3 / SMTP accounts, your templates, organize your response series, import leads, edit campaign conditions, unsubscribe settings, blacklists and much much more.

Autoresponder - templates

Automated prospect finder.

When looking for new leads our email scraper is the perfect tool. You can search by websites or by using our map feature so you can get all the perfect niche’d local clients you’ve never been able to collect before.

scraping tab maps

Are you ready to never hit spam again?

We are working on a one-of-a-kind feature you won’t find anywhere else. Our seeding feature will allow you to setup yahoo, gmail, yahoo, and other cloud email host accounts in our software that then holds conversations with your SMTP. For every x emails sent you can have your SMTP contact one of your could email accounts and hold a conversation. If you hit spam our software will un-mark it as spam and keep the conversation going.

What does that mean for you?

This means that cloud email providers will see that people are un-marking your emails as spam and continuing conversations with your SMTP. These email providers will then stop putting your emails in spam and your IP’s reputation will sky rocket.

I hope you’re ready to excel your emailing to new levels.

Need to send on newsletters on specific dates?

Who doesn’t?!? To make TEAR even more diverse, we are working hard to integrate this brand new and highly customizable newsletter feature. You will be able to create your own templates or upload custom creatives and set the date and time you want them to be sent out.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to setup their email sends for the next month. Or even months!

Perfect for solo ad sellers that need to plan their swipes ahead. Heck this is perfect for everyone!

Combining this newsletter feature with our autoresponder will blow away your conversions!

Throttle Your Email Power

Upload Drip Feed leads, set the "leads per hour speed", then slowly increase for maximum in-boxing and hands off email marketing. Prepare to fall in love.

Seamless movement between campaigns

Just had an epic scraper campaign with loads of new leads? Transfer your newly acquired leads with ease. Either extract new leads into file or transfer them right into a campaign as normal or dripfeed pending leads and be marketing to them in no time!

Can Spam Compliant

Easy to add company details and address, opt-in / opt-out details, easy and instant opt-out settings , import / export black and unsubscribe lists.

TEAR gives you complete control

No-Stress Interface ©

No need to worry about a license or activation key. Simply make an account and use your web login PW and UN for the TEAR app - prepare to dominate your email marketing!

TEAR users don't have time to waste.

We recommend just giving it a spin. Expansion awaits!

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  • Multi-Response AR

    Create long conversations with your leads to help maintain healthy IP’s and boost conversions through the roof!

  • Email List Importer

    Upload your own list of email leads into this software. Don’t wait for list approval from other services like Aweber!

  • Custom Smtp/Pop3

    Use your own hosted smtp/pop3 for sending and receiving emails! Or even use gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc services!

  • Proxy Importer

    Easily import unlimited proxy’s into the system from a file or url link. Bind them to SMTP accounts to mass mail Gmail, AOL Yahoo.

  • Custom Variables

    Tons of tokens available such as: #ToName #Today #Month #FromFirstName. Or make your own custom Variables!

  • Text Spinner

    Easily spin words, sentences, names and urls in your email bodies to ensure unique content and higher inbox rates!

  • Keyword Triggers

    Boost Sales by setting custom responses triggered by keywords. Ex. <Are you real?|Yes I am real, duh!>

  • Email Ghosting

    Keep your IP’s clean. Send email from example@hotmail.com and receiver will see sent from: name@yourdomain.com

  • Filters

    Many custom filters offer extremely flexible responses to incoming emails. Feature not available in email services like Aweber and GetResponse!

  • Live Statistics

    Always keep track of sent and pending emails! Break down your daily statistics to the minute!

  • Data Exporter

    Easily export email lists into and out of the software. Your leads are always at your fingertips ready to make you money.

  • Timer Settings

    Easily select specific hours of the day to stop the program from sending emails to replicate a real person.

  • Blacklist

    Keep your IP’s and safe and clean. Import a blacklist of email addresses  you want to avoid at all times.

  • Account Unlocking

    Unlock your SMTP accounts at any time if blocked (Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol) A Decaptcher account is required…

  • Attachments

    Easily attach images or other files to your email templates. A awesome feature restricted by other email services!

  • Tutorials

    Don’t feel alone and helpless with our easy to follow tutorials! Let us help you start making money right away!

  • IP Tester

    Always know which of your IP’s are working to ensure the best possible connections and success rates!

  • Always Updated

    Not only has our programming team created this epic software, but we use it daily constantly making sure it’s working.

  • Email Leads Extractor

    Extract your leads from your gmail/yahoo/etc… accounts into txt file. Re-monetize

  • Pre-Built Email Campaigns

    Don’t know how to setup your autoresponder? Try out one of our free pre-built email campaigns!

  • Set Hourly Sending Limits

    Have the ability to set sending limits that work best with the various requirements of your email accounts.

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